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very good website I suggest to everybody who loves potent strains. One order came a week and a half later due to covid delay but they made it up by offering discount code for next purchase and gave me microdose capsules. thanks guys for letting me try that


Grayson B. / Google

Awesome store; I’ve been ordering from them for a year and I’ve never regretted an order. They always have great sales and rewards programs so it’s easy to get a lot for cheap. Highly recommend trying these guys, they have everything and at different prices if you don’t want to spend too much

spicymeatball / Google

Great place to order from super fast shipping to Ontario, very easy to deal with , the way they package their shipping is second to none.


This is the place I order the cbd isolate that I use to treat my arthritic cat. I Always receive what I order in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Spore Society.

Joel L / Google

One of my favourites so far! The consistency of their sales/coupons keeps bringing me back. A pretty good selection of great quality weed, pre rolls, and much more. I would definitely recommend.

Tracy T. / 420CouponCodes

Super professional!! I have been using Spore Society for a year now, and couldn’t be happier! Always great service, and amazing products! Even budget strains won’t disappoint!! Highly recommend!!

FriedGarlic / Google

I placed my order with Spore Society and two days later I received it at my house….now that’s great service….once I opened my package and tried the various products I was even further impressed with the company, Spore Society. I especially like the birthday cake distillate. I also received a great discount with my first order which of course was a wonderful incentive to order from this company and now I receive discounts and emails expressing appreciation for my business….the after purchase integrity of this company is greatly appreciated…Thank you S.S

Deanne Ube

Great place to order. Definitely give them a go if you like free gifts!! Free gift on your First order and I believe you even get a great coupon (25%) off your first order as well. After that they are constantly sending coupons for holidays and bdays and just season changes etc. Prices are fair, product is good, and ships fast. You also get points every order to use next time and get free gifts on every order if it is over a certain amount. (Which mine always is to get the free shipping ) I always order extra rather than pay shipping. Just makes sense. 🙂

Lindsay M.

We had a little mix up at the beginning but everything was fixed up. all their products are wonderful.great company

Jack T.

I have ordered a few times now and other than the long wait for my first order (which was because of Canada Post and covid) I am very happy with the products I received. My orders were filled in a timely manner and I love the deals that are offered including free shipping after spending a certain amount. I have tried flower, concentrate and edibles and I am very happy with the quality of all of it. I definitely recommend Spore Society.

Mary O.

This should be the only site you order… This should be the only site you order from. Great prices and product with top notch customer service. They always have a promo code to use and offer reward points. And the free gift you can select when you order enough is great way to try something new. You won’t have any regrets ordering from them.


 great prices, lots of selection, arrived sooner than expected. one thing i found weird however was i bought a tin that said 20/10mg but there were only ten pieces in it, im assuming at 20mg? no big deal though lol still high as heck lol thanks s.s

Dylan W.