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Psychedelic mushrooms have been used around the world for centuries for their medicinal, therapeutic, and spiritual qualities. The many different facets of mushrooms can now be harnessed in the modern world through new innovations and broader perspectives. Offering you a variety of magic mushrooms, Spore Society is dedicated to provide only top quality products, helping you buy microdose online.

Microdosing refers to taking a small dose of a psychedelics (such as magic mushrooms), well below the threshold of the evident effects usually associated with the drug, while going about one’s daily activities. At this level there are no psychedelic effects, or even immediately obvious effects, it becomes more stimulatory and nootropic in nature. You might not feel any particular drug effects at subthreshold doses, but at the end of the day you might notice that it was a particularly good day, and you got the things done that needed to be done. There is a lot of debate on how much you should “feel” a microdose, and at the end of the day, your dosage and regime is up to you. It is advisable to keep your dosage and frequency to the minimum effective dose, as too heavy or too frequent dosing can lead to fatigue in the serotonin network and increase the incidence of unwanted side effects.

Why Buy Our Microdoses?

Microdosing has been gaining in popularity in last couple of years as more and more people have begun to recognize the benefits of psilocybin in there day to day lives. Whether it be for self-improvement or relief from particular issues in their life, a microdose can be used in these situations. Here at Spore Society medicinal mushroom dispensary, we are offering a way to gain the benefits without all the hassle of making it yourself. We only use capsules that are made from a natural plant based material that is Gluten-free and 100% vegan. Each microcode is mixed and measured carefully as consistency is very important when taking magic mushrooms at sub-perceptible amounts. We understand buying microdoses online can be difficult and we want you to know that we are here to make things easier. If you have any questions about our microdoses or any of our products, Please feel free to contact us at any time.

“Ultimate Guide to Buying Psilocybin Online for Microdosing”

Microdose: 0.15g–0.3g

Creative Dose: 0.5g–1.0g (Test out these doses before taking at work!)

Typical Recreational Dose: 2–3g (A full trip)

Heroic Dose: 5-8g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)

God Dose: 10-28g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)

Take advantage of the synergetic effects of our selected blends of microdose stacks.

Our stacks can replace your medicine cabinet of nootropics supplements or even SSRI medication.

How to MicroDose

Ideally, a psilocybin microdose will not cause a substantial change in mood, disposition, or mindset. Instead, its effect will be subtle but present.

Not only will fresh and dried psilocybin mushrooms contain different quantities of psilocybin, but different strains of mushrooms will have different psychoactive contents. Even different parts of the mushroom contain slightly different amounts of psilocybin.

You can use any kind of psilocybin mushrooms for your microdosing. The most popular are Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe semilanceata, Psilocybe azurecens, Psilocybe cyanescens, and Panaeolus. You can learn about the potency levels of different Psilocybe strains at Erowid.

There are several ways to take your mushroom microdose. The most practical one is to take your capsule with food. Another way is to prepare a psilocybin tea. You can dissolve your capsule of mushroom powder in hot water, and even add some honey. Otherwise, you are free to experiment and mix the powder into any drink you take to start your day.

What Schedule Should I Follow?

James Fadiman recommends taking a microdose once every three days. For most people, morning is the best time because the beneficial effects will last throughout the day, and also because nighttime microdosing could interfere with sleep.

Take a mushroom microdose on Day 1. Then do not take a microdose on Day 2 or Day 3.

Then, take another mushroom microdose on Day 4.

Observe the effects throughout this process by taking daily notes in a journal.

Continue the process of microdosing two times per week for several weeks. Take notes throughout the entire process on both short-term, in-the-moment effects, and long-term changes in your mood, energy, and social behavior.

Follow your usual routine while microdosing. You should not change what you do. The purpose is to enhance your day-to-day existence by integrating microdoses into your routine.

Ingredients in our in house Psilocybe Cubensis Microdose Stack:

200 mg Psilocybe Cubensis, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Spirulina and Bee Pollen