Magic Mushrooms Have Been Consumed For Centuries. Here’s Why

Psilocybin, the active substance in magic mushrooms, has been consumed for centuries, although it does not seem to exhibit the same addictive traits as other psychoactive substances. According to a new study, users seek psilocybin for its ability to produce unique changes in the human conscious experience, giving rise to “meaning, insight, the experience of […]

Everything You Need To Know About Ego Death

Before reading this article consider checking out our shop, which offers several strains of Psolocybe Cubensis mushroom, 3 flavours of mushroom-infused tea, and 2 varieties of micro-dose capsules. What is Ego? From the perspective of many modern psychologists, “the ego” can be thought of as the culmination of three components of the human psyche: the […]

Psilocybin Vs. LSD

*A version of this article is featured in Double Blind Magazine Before you read this article consider checking out our shop, which offers several strains of dried mushroom, 4 flavours of mushroom infused tea, and 2 varieties of microdose capsules! Many of the naturally occuring substances classified as “psychedelics” share significant consistency, for example a […]

After Legal Win, What’s Next for Magic Mushrooms?

  Canada granted permission for psilocybin to be used for end-of-life therapy. But it’s just the beginning. On August 4, Canada’s Health Minister Patty Hajdu granted, by way of a Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, permission for four terminally-ill Canadians to consume psychedelic drugs. The decision comes after months of careful maneuvering […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Tripping on Magic Mushrooms

Just because magic mushrooms have a long history of safe use where fatalities from overdoses are virtually unheard of, it doesn’t mean they can’t give you a bad experience. To enjoy and get the maximum benefits from psychedelics you must approach them with respect. Here are 10 mistakes a lot of newbies (and sometimes even experienced shroomers) […]

Psychedelics are making a wild comeback – let’s not eff it up

The consciousness-raising power of psychedelics are tripping up science once again – hopefully, we’re not headed for a refried version of legal weed. Timothy Leary must be rolling in his grave. Or maybe he’s just smiling to himself. We’d have to take a trip back in time to know for sure what the Harvard psychologist […]

920: International Magic Mushroom Day

920 is the “420” of magic mushrooms: a day to celebrate the magic and science of psychedelic mushrooms. Learn more, and tune-in to this psychedelic holiday. Here’s everything you need to know. When you see the number 420, what do you think of? Weed. What about 920? Psychedelic advocates hope your mind goes straight to magic […]

Three Celebrities Known For Consuming Magic Mushrooms! Part 2

Magic mushrooms are definitely not for the weak hearted souls! The scientific identification for magic shrooms would be psilocin and psilocybin. These are two powerful compounds known for its hallucinogenic capabilities. Even with a small dose of magic shrooms, you are likely to experience tactile, auditory and visual hallucinations. This is the ultimate impact of […]

Top Four Celebrities who enjoyed Psychedelic Shrooms!

Would you believe if someone told you that Hollywood starts are not immune to the magic impact of the shrooms? The enlightenment offered by the magic mushrooms have not failed to impress them. Influence of the magic mushrooms Magic mushrooms are considered as a direct pathway to a whole new world. These mushrooms have compounds […]