How To Grow Your Own Magic Mushrooms

Monotub Cultivation Tek/Method Walk-Through The monotub tek or method is where most professional indoor mushroom cultivators get their start. It’s easy, fast, and doesn’t take up much space or require high-tech humidity or ventilation systems. The monotub method is most often associated with the cultivation of manure loving Psilocybe* species such as P. Cubensis but […]

Psychedelic Therapy Schools Are Popping Up Like Mushrooms

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For hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can get certified to administer mind-altering—and some say, mind-healing—drugs. Even before Oregon and Washington, D.C., decriminalized medical psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” in November, a market was emerging for schools that teach mental and medical health professionals how to use psychedelics in their treatment. The vanguard industry […]

One Day, Your Home Could Be Made With Mushrooms

Mushroom bricks could possibly replace concrete! Mushrooms are helping architects and engineers solve one the world’s biggest crises: climate change. These fungi are durable, biodegradable, and are proving to be a good alternative to more polluting materials. “Our built environment needs these kinds of materials,” says David Benjamin, founding principal architect at the firm The […]

Shrooms and Alcohol

Photo Credits: Taking magic mushrooms is an experience within itself. It sends the user on a journey, a trip, whereby the world looks a little different and the user feels more connected with their surroundings. Alcohol, much more commonly consumed and widely socially accepted, can be great for relaxing after a hard week at work […]

UFC is Looking into Psychedelics

Photo Credits: The Sun UFC president Dana White told MMA Junkie on Wednesday about plans to jump into the psychedelic foray: “We’re now interested (about) this thing just came out on ‘Real Sports’ about psychedelics, and we’ve actually reached out to the Johns Hopkins guys, and we’re diving into that.” This comes after the UFC […]

Magic Mushrooms for Anxiety

Magic Mushroom for Anxiety A lot of people are getting to know about the potential benefits of magic mushrooms for anxiety.  Research has suggested that these psychedelic fungi could alleviate symptom severity and enhance mental well-being with minimal side effects. Anecdotal reports as well promote micro-dosing mushrooms to improve energy, focus, and creativity although making […]

Magic Mushrooms vs. Ayahuasca

Difference between Magic Mushrooms and Ayahuasca – Introduction Magic mushrooms, kratom, CBD, LSD, DMT, and ayahuasca have gradually moved from being termed as illegal substances to becoming one of the best discoveries scientists and humans will ever make. Although these items have existed for as long as humans can remember, their therapeutic benefits became more […]

Mike Tyson Takes Handful Of Magic Mushrooms On Logan Paul’s Podcast

Mike Tyson has no problem downing large doses of psychedelic drugs. Appearing on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive Podcast”, the boxer happily ate four grams of mushrooms and said that the drugs should be made legal for recreational use. “Mike, you would eat this amount as a daily dose?” asked Paul’s co-host Mike Majlak. “I’m just getting […]

Companies Are Starting To Bet Big On Psychedelic Drugs to Treat US Mental Health Epidemic

Once dismissed as a “party drug” for its hallucinogenic effects, ketamine is emerging as a novel alternative treatment for depression Psychedelic medicine is having a moment. Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved esketamine to treat depression, making it the first-ever psychedelic drug to receive the regulatory green light in the US, […]

Do Psilo-cybin Mushrooms Work Best On An Empty Stomach?

An age-old question: should you eat magic mushrooms on an empty or full stomach? To avoid nausea and vomiting, an empty stomach is the safest start to any psychedelic journey. Especially for those taking higher doses, prone to nausea, or sensitive to psilocybin, your best bet is to empty the stomach before setting off. But […]