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Shrooms and Alcohol

Photo Credits: Taking magic mushrooms is an experience within itself. It sends the user on a journey, a trip, whereby the world looks a little different and the user feels more connected with their surroundings. Alcohol, much more commonly consumed and widely socially accepted, can be great for relaxing after a hard week at work […]

UFC is Looking into Psychedelics

Photo Credits: The Sun UFC president Dana White told MMA Junkie on Wednesday about plans to jump into the psychedelic foray: “We’re now interested (about) this thing just came out on ‘Real Sports’ about psychedelics, and we’ve actually reached out to the Johns Hopkins guys, and we’re diving into that.” This comes after the UFC […]

Magic Mushrooms for Anxiety

Magic Mushroom for Anxiety A lot of people are getting to know about the potential benefits of magic mushrooms for anxiety.  Research has suggested that these psychedelic fungi could alleviate symptom severity and enhance mental well-being with minimal side effects. Anecdotal reports as well promote micro-dosing mushrooms to improve energy, focus, and creativity although making […]

Magic Mushrooms vs. Ayahuasca

Difference between Magic Mushrooms and Ayahuasca – Introduction Magic mushrooms, kratom, CBD, LSD, DMT, and ayahuasca have gradually moved from being termed as illegal substances to becoming one of the best discoveries scientists and humans will ever make. Although these items have existed for as long as humans can remember, their therapeutic benefits became more […]