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Do Psilo-cybin Mushrooms Work Best On An Empty Stomach?

An age-old question: should you eat magic mushrooms on an empty or full stomach? To avoid nausea and vomiting, an empty stomach is the safest start to any psychedelic journey. Especially for those taking higher doses, prone to nausea, or sensitive to psilocybin, your best bet is to empty the stomach before setting off. But […]

Interview with a Corporate Banker Who Micro-dosed His Way to the Top

Microdosing involves taking just enough of a psychedelic drug to boost productivity and creativity, without actually tripping. Its supposed benefits are well documented, and particularly among young startup types in Silicon Valley where microdosing became a bit of a thing. But it isn’t just for cool dudes at Google. Microdosing, if you believe the hype, can […]

Why Taking Psychedelics While on Antidepressants Could Make Treatment Ineffective

Credits to: Double Blind Magazine Similar to how cannabis legalization was galvanized by its ability to reduce suffering during the Eighties AIDS epidemic, medical professionals are starting to cast a more favorable eye upon psychedelics due to promising effects on those suffering from depression and other mental health conditions. We’ve seen psilocybin spread its spores […]