Top Four Celebrities who enjoyed Psychedelic Shrooms!

Would you believe if someone told you that Hollywood starts are not immune to the magic impact of the shrooms? The enlightenment offered by the magic mushrooms have not failed to impress them.

Influence of the magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are considered as a direct pathway to a whole new world. These mushrooms have compounds that can trigger the deepest secrets and recesses of your life. Not to forget, the magic mushrooms are famous for a wide range of chemical reactions too. Though the capabilities of magic shrooms are wide spread, there is no doubt that you will have a never like before experience. The consumption of magic mushrooms was never restricted to small down town alleys. Instead, powerful personalities have consumed, and acknowledged its power.

With this being said, here are few celebrities who have enjoyed the psychedelic shrooms.

Bill Gates!

Would you believe if you heard that one of the world’s richest and smartest man alive has tried the shrooms? Well, this is no other than Bill Gates. He is known for his philanthropist ways. And, the tech mogul has so much to say about the varied habits of mankind. Nevertheless, in one of his interactions, Mr. Gates revealed that he has enjoyed psychedelic compounds. During an interview for “Playboy”, Mr. Gates spoke about how life can get wild, and interesting during 25!

Shia LaBeouf

If you have watched films like Transformers, and Constantine – you will be familiar with Shia Labeouf. A lessor known fact about Shia would be her introvert movie life. Many a times, the pressure of surviving in the industry has triggered her to try something relieving and out of the blue.

ASAP Rocky

The talk about magic shrooms and any other psychedelic compound will be incomplete without ASAP Rocky. If you are planning to intake magic mushrooms, you should consider doing it in style. During the 2015 pop cultural event, Mr. Rocky turned the entire show around with his magic shrooms. Well, this is not only about boasting Mr. Rocky’s rap skills. But, it is also about understanding what the magic mushrooms can do.

Steve Jobs!

Last but certainly not the least, you have Steve Jobs. When Mr. Jobs was battling the brink of bankruptcy, and losing ownership of Apple – he needed something creative and inspiring. Well, you guessed it right. Consumption of Magic mushrooms helped him see a different side of the coin. You will never know when the impact of the magic shrooms wears away. Yet, you will know what you saw.

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