Three Celebrities Known For Consuming Magic Mushrooms! Part 2

Magic mushrooms are definitely not for the weak hearted souls!

The scientific identification for magic shrooms would be psilocin and psilocybin. These are two powerful compounds known for its hallucinogenic capabilities. Even with a small dose of magic shrooms, you are likely to experience tactile, auditory and visual hallucinations. This is the ultimate impact of enjoying shrooms. The pleasures will kick in within 30 minutes or less. And, the impact will last for four to eight hours. There are many ways of enjoying the magic mushrooms. Some people tend to consume it raw. While, many others choose to consume it with a cup of tea, or as a grounded powder. The choice is totally up to you.

With this being said, let’s start our journey in understand more about famous celebrities who endorsed the magic shrooms.

Susan Saradon!

Do you remember the classic “Thelma and Lourise” from the early 1990s? Or, have you watched the movie “The Lovely Bones” from 2009? If yes, you will be familiar with Susan Saradon.

During one of her interviews with the Daily Beast, Ms. Saradon revealed that she has always had a good bond with magic mushrooms. The 73-year old admits to enjoying the mushroom trips.

Susan quotes: “It would make for a more elegant and gentler world with magic mushrooms”.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is none other than the One Direction Singer. Many would recognize him for his innocent looks. But, Harry Styles has a much more vivid and creative life. He is famous for its love for magic mushrooms. The habit of enjoying psychedelic compounds started when Mr. Styles was only 24 years old. Indeed, he has many fond memories of enjoying magic mushrooms, while listening to Paul McCartney.

Harry quotes,” I want to take some magic mushrooms, and now is the best time to enjoy and have fun. We are in Malibu”.

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle has always had his share of magic mushrooms with Aziz Ansari. This duo is known for making headlines with their comedy acts. Together, they have lightened many minds, and told a thousand jokes. Meanwhile, their creativity is strongly influenced by the magic mushrooms. The first time they enjoyed this psychedelic compound was during the screening of “Once upon a Time”.

In fact, Chappelle’s “Drugs” sketch tells many things about how he chooses to consume magic shrooms before every haircut! This is how much the magic mushrooms are integrated with his life.

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