Top 3 Magic Mushrooms for Beginners!

Magic Mushrooms
The Magic Mushrooms


Now, are you ready to pick your first magic mushroom? If yes, this would be a great post for you.

Shopping for magic mushrooms is a “magical” moment. This is because you have a dozen options to choose from. Many a times, consumers decide to go with the strains their dear ones have enjoyed. Well, it would be great if you are aware of “what” this world has to offer to you.

With this being said, lets learn more about the finest strains of magic shrooms for beginners.

#1: Psilocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe Cubensis is one of the biggest magic mushrooms in town. Many a times, beginners kick start with this mushroom. It is widely used, and can be found easily. The mushroom is also known as the “Mexican mushroom”. It comes in different shapes, and types. The most commonly found versions have reddish brown, or yellowish stems. When the mushroom is crushed or bruised in any way, the sticky flesh becomes blue within few seconds. This is considered as the best sign for a magic mushroom.

Beginners admire this shroom because it found easily, and can be bought at rock bottom rates.

#2: Psilocybe Semilanceata

The well-known name for this magic shroom would be “Liberty Cap”. This is also a commonly found psilocybin mushroom. The shroom is widely spotted in grassy and damp fields. When compared to other magic shrooms, this variety is small and has a pointed cap. Since its psychotropic properties are relatively weak – it is a great choice for beginners.

#3: Psilocybe Baeocystis

The characteristic look of this mushroom gives it many interesting nick names. For instance, some call it the “Potent Psilocybe”, or the “Bottle Cap” or the “Blue Bell”. This mushroom has a yellowish stem, and a brownish cap. It is found close to mulch and peat. This is also a wise choice for trying the magic shrooms.

How to intake the Magic mushrooms?

Now that you are aware of the three best magic mushrooms for beginners, you need to understand more about dosage.

Dosage strongly depends on the species, its cultivation methods and where it was found. For instance, P. Cubensis is the strongest in this list. And, it is found close to the Gulf Coast. Just 1/8th of an ounce is sufficient to witness it capabilities.

Beginners should always start with dried mushrooms, and a gram or less. Remember, the effects of these magic mushrooms will differ from one to another. So, wait for an hour to two, before taking more.

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