Magic Mushroom Dosage & Consumption Method

Magic mushroom intensity & dosage depends not just on species, but also how it is managed & where it grows. For instance, P. Cubensis are found in different strains. Thai P. Cubensis mushrooms are much stronger and offers more intense high. This is reported to be much more stronger compared to the ones growing at the Gulf Coast. The latter is known to produce ‘mellow’ high. Magic mushroom contain psilocybin content which deteriorates on drying. Hence, to compensate, people tend to ingest more. In the United States, they are mostly sold in eighths, which means 1/8th of an ounce. It effects tends to vary from one person to the other as well as from one mushroom to another.

How much to take?

1 gram or even less of dried mushrooms is recommended to be taken initially by beginners. It is equivalent of one P. cubensis. Then wait for about an hour. Based on their feelings, they can go ahead to try more or avoid it.

How to consume it?

Some simply chew dried or fresh mushroom. But it does not taste that good. Few magic mushrooms tend to have floury taste and others bitter or sour. The latter is bet taken with fruits like strawberries to combat sour/bitter taste and make it edible. Those who dislike its texture and taste may avail recipes that are delicious and tasty. It may range from chili to smoothies. But longer periods of cooking will only break down its psilocybin, thereby causing weak psychotropic effect.

Besides eating them to derive its effects, magic mushroom can also be brewed into mushroom tea. It needs to be grinded and steeped in hot water. Then it is strained to derive the resulting liquid. Those practicing this particular method claim of this recipe not making any impact on trip intensity. Magic mushrooms & alcohol are often combined together. It is soaked in tequila or rum and the resultant liquid is consumed directly or in mixed drinks. People tripping on mushroom extract or tea claim to derive quicker effects. This is more so when compared to consuming the mushroom. Dried mushrooms at times are ground & then packed to form gelatin capsules. This in turn results in mushroom pills which help to avoid the texture and taste completely.

It will be wise to purchase magic mushrooms only from a well renowned company, like Spore Society. This way, you can be assured of its quality & being beneficial for your health.

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