Shrooms have been confirmed as the world’s safest recreational drug

Time to get wrist deep in a couple of cow patties, because magic mushrooms are officially your safest recreational drug. According to real life scientists.

Have a nice trip! According to the world’s largest annual drug survey, psilocybin shrooms are the least dangerous recreational drug we’re all taking.

The Global Drug Survey pooled the experiences of over 120,000 participants from over 50 countries in 2016. A group of 28,000 in that sample had taken magic mushrooms.

Of all the substances surveyed, mushrooms showed the lowest percentage of users who had to seek emergency medical treatment on their trips. Check out the data set below.

Source: Global Drug Survey

Only 0.2 percent of users, male and female, who had tripped on shrooms reported having to undergo emergency treatment. This is compared to a global average of 4.8 percent of meth users, 3.2 percent of synthetic weed smokers and 1.3 percent of boozers.

What stands out here to me is that, aside from methamphetamine and synthetic cannabis (which are widely known to be dangerous), most drugs sit around the one percent mark.

All as ‘dangerous’ as each other, yet only one of them is legal to consume on a global scale. Huh.

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